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vendredi 8 septembre 2023

International SWL contest in November and December 2023

We find already sponsors ! Thank you to Youtuber  Gene Stevens, SDRplay, RADDY. RETEKESS Please look at the end of this article please to look the nice radios to win !


 01 November 2023 to 31 December 2023

To translet in another language https://www.deepl.com/translator

or  https://translate.google.com/

It is not necessary to be registered to participate in the contest, send your list of countries  ( radio transmitter ) you have  listen at the end of the contest in January 2024

This SWL contest is to encourage listening to medium wave and shortwave radios stations all over the world. This SWL contest is open to SWL all over the WORLD.

I thought about organizing this competition. This is only for the FUN, you can use your radio receiver and its also possible to use a WEB or KIWI SDR but the SDR must be always at the same place.

Exemple if you use the Web SDR in Twente Netherlands Europe you must make all your listenings from this web SDR on SW and MW.

If you are from another continent you can choice to use Web SDR in Europe or on another continent

It will be 3 CATEGORIES

First catégorie: Real radio receiver users or you have a SDR on your computer ( not sdr on internet )

Second catégorie: Web or Kiwi SDR online on internet


Third category: you must listen on all shortwave bands a maximum of transmitters, for medium wave no change.

You can listen with a real radio or a SDR on your computer ( not via internet )

You can use a Kiwi SDR or WEB SDR via INTERNET

I decided to add a less simple category where you will have to listen to the maximum number of transmitters on each shortwave band.

Exemple on 13 meter 21.45 to 21.45 MHz you listen transmitter from China, Mali, France, etc

On 16 meter 17.48 to 17.9 MHz you listen transmitter China, Oman, Italia, etc

This is the catégorie who will win the best gift from our sponsors

Listeners must have a FACEBOOK page.



 RECEIVER, AN ANTENNA, etc to the best scores please contact me by my FACEBOOK 


Please futur sponsors look also at the end of the article

THANK YOU. Frank SWL F14368 Paris France

In 1997 with long wire on the roof at 25 meter above the ground !

LIST of WEB and KIWI SDR in the world



Who is Frank F14368 

I am Frank SWL F14368 since 1981, my city is near Paris France

Franck Fzeroduw is my facebook name  because my amateur radio call sign is FØDUW !!!

 My FACEBOOK page  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009933974595

This SWL contest is open to all listeners in the world.

THE GOAL is to listen to a maximum of countries ( Tranmitters) in the world on MW and SW

MEDIUM WAVE 530 kHz to 1602 kHz




The transmitter is the most important, if radio Voice of America broadcast from Thailand this is VALID for THAILAND countrie, not for USA, after you can listen to a radio who broadcast from USA to Confirme USA.

When you have listen ot a radio with transmitter in a country you dont need to listen again to this country.

One country on medium wave

One country on shortwave

You can listen France on MW and france on SW.

List of countries in the world for SWL




The opérators who listen to the maximum of countries ( the transmitters ) will be the winners.

You must listen to a maximum of countries on Shortwave ( transmitters places ) and you must do the same on Medium Wave, listen to a maximum of countrie ( transmitters places ) on MW

After i will multplie your SW transmitters X by your MW transmitters countries listening.

Exemple you listen to 35 countries on Shortwave X by 20 countries on Medium wave = 700 points

For the third catégorie i will add the numbers of short wave transmitters on all SW band X by transmitters listen on medium wave Exemple 80 vx 25 = 2000 points.

I will  send an AWARD to all participants by Facebook messenger.

Please send me the liste of your radios stations listening, you can send only with FACEBOOK messenger. 

Make a liste for SW and a liste for MW please

You must send me your lists of countries listening ( transmitters ) on SW and MW  before 10 January 2024


Your facebook name and facebook page ( all communications will be only by FACEBOOK )

Your countrie ( where you leave )

You play for categorie 1, 2 or 3 ? Indicate you listening equipment

"It will be 3 CATEGORIES

FIRST catégorie: Real radio receiver users or you have a SDR on your computer ( not sdr on internet )

SECOND catégorie: Web or Kiwi SDR online on internet

THIRD category: you must listen on all shortwave bands a maximum of transmitters, for medium wave no change.

For this third catégorie you can listen with a real radio or a SDR on your computer ( not via internet )

You can also use a Kiwi SDR or WEB SDR via INTERNET"

When you will send your liste for this categorie send bands by bands for SW, and the medium wave.

Do you use a real radio receiver or a SDR on your computer ( not via internet )

 or a Web/kiwi SDR ? If you listen via a Kiwi or Web SDR give me the adresse of this SDR

If you use a real radio receiver yes what is you radio receiver and antenna ?

If you use a kiwi or web SDR give me the link to this kiwi or web SDR. His place, and countrie, continent. 


This is not an obligation for the web or kiwi SDR to be on your continent

Exemple you are in Africa, Asia, etc  you can use the WEB SDR of Twente Netherlands Europe or other

 part of the world



VERY Important

For the MW this is not a problem but for Shortwave many radio stations use relay

Exemple CRI China radio int. use relay in Mali Africa and Cuba.

For me the important thing is the place of the transmitter. 

So i you listen to CRI in Mali Africa you have not china. You valid Mali.

To have China you must be sure the tramsmitter is in China.

And if you listen to Mali Africa with CRI you dont need to listen again to radio Mali. Only one country on SW

 and same for MW.

Mali is valid only one time. 

The goal is to listen more countries ( transmitter ) as possible on SW and also on MW

NO PIRATE or clandestines RADIOS please ( because we dont know where is the transmitter )

Only AM radio on MW and SW ( no amateur radio, ssb or radio in DMR please )

If you listen to a radio station in USA  on SW you dont need to listen again a station with transmitter in USA

 on SW

Same for MW if you listen for exemple Netherlands you can listen only one radio transmitter from this

 countrie on MW.

This is not an obligation to send a reception report to the radio station and receive a QSL card.

The goal is not to receive QSL cards in this contest.

I hope the rules are not to difficult to understand ? You can send me a message on my facebook if you have


Franck Fzeroduw  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000099339745


Station name, countrie of the transmitter

Exemple CRI vie CUBA relay

Frequencie in kHz,

Date like 01 Nov 2023

Local time in your city or UTC ( this is not important so you can write time in your city its more easy )

To be sure you listen a radio station and you want to know name and place of transmitter you can use

WRTH, klingenfuss, 

Global Radio Guide: Summer 2023Gayle Van Horn W4GVH. This Amazon Kindle e-book is your ticket to travel to the world's global radio bands.



https://www.mwlist.org/mwlist_quick_and_easy.php  Choice the continent This is the best way to know a radio with this MW list.


https://www.short-wave.info/ I think this is one of the best way to know the radio name and transmitter place.

On GOOGLE enter the frequencie like 11995 kHz

Google will give you few links very interesting

You van use also:

The contest will start the first of November 2023 and finish the 31 december 2023.

Send you list of listening via my messenger FACEBOOK  before 10 January 2024 please.

Thank you. Good SWL contest. 

Frank SWL F14368 near Paris FRANCE Europe

Exemple of liste ( this my liste !!! )

Franck Fzeroduw


SWL F14368

My City Paris France Europe

My radio Sangean ATS 909 with 10 meter indoor antenna

I play first catégorie contest



Radio exterior de Espana

3 November 2023

11670 kHz

22:23 Local time

SIO 555


RNE Espana Madrid

4 November 2023

576 kHz

23:17 Local time

SIO 533


Radio china CRI  via relay in CUBA

 1 November 2023

9995 kHz

22:00 Local time 

SIO 555


Radio Caroline

2 November 2023

648 kHz

15:00 Local time

SIO 555



China radio int

2 Novenber 2023

11675 kHz

17:05 Local time

SIO 533


Kossuth radio

2 November 2023

540 kHz

20:10 Local time

SIO 555


Total 3 SW X  3 MW = 9 points !!!

I YOU LIKE TO BE A SPONSOR to offer some gifts for our best scores SWL contact me Thank you..

it can be small things, a radio, an antenna, a book, etc.

Sponsors can send direct to the winners, you can also send to me and after i will send to the winners.

I will give informations about the winners to the sponsors.

If you are an official sponsor your brand will be on this article and i hope some SWL will know better your SWL radios receivers, antennas, books, your youtube channel, your blog .

Since May 2023 this blog received 43 000 visitors from 103 countries, 51 states of USA, 10 provinces of Canada.

This article on my blog have received more of one thousand visitors in only few days.

1800 visitors the 21 sep 2023

On my blogt hey are articles about: Tecsun, Degen, C Crane, Kaito, Retekess, Xhdata, Sihuadon, Malahit, Xiegu, Raddy, Radioddity, Retrevis, Sangean, Tecsun Australia, Universal radio SWL shop USA, etc

All articles are share on many SWL groups on FACEBOOK ( around 40 groups )


Thank you to our first sponsor Gene Stevens who is a YOUTUBER and who will give a nice XHDATA  radio to one of the best scores.

FM1/FM2 : 64-108MHz


SW : 4750-22000KHz

3. Radio mode and MP3 mode!

D328 Radio is AM FM SW DSP radio.

5. Two Power Sources

(1) Battery Operate

1 x BL5C battery

(Battery is included in the package.)

(2) USB Operate

In this mode, you do not need to install battery, but you need to always connect to the power source.

Also, you can put the battery inside and use the radio while charging, more convenient.

(The package includes a USB cable.)

Thanks a lot to Gene Stevens who have a nice YOUTUBE channel for SWL

 Listening In Radio 

Yes, I have been a radio enthusiast since I was a teenager. I started in the 1970s with citizens band radio. I was a Navy Signalman from 1978 to 1982. That's where I learned morse code.I got my amateur radio license in 2000, original call sign KB9WGV. I now have a vanity call sign of WN9ZWC. I joined the SWARL and I have their issued call signs of KB9001SWL, KB9001MWDX and KB9001SSB. I was granted the following awards, WAC, Heard all continents, QRZ.com awards; QRZ 3O, U.S. counties, Grid award and World friendship award. I founded Listening In Radio in 2023.

I'm your Elmer, here to teach you all about radios. AM radio, shortwave, Ham radio, CB and monitoring.

Our second sponsor is the famous RADDY radios who will give a nice portable receiver RF750

Full Band Radio: MW(AM): 520-1710KHz; SW: 5.7-17.9MHz; FM: 87-108MHz; WB: 162.400-162.550MHz. RF750 is able to receive 7 weather band channels and provide NOAA alert function. NOAA Weather Alert will let out an alarm indicating that there is a risk of severe weather hazards and emergencies in your area. 

Compact Pocket Radio: it is only 3.5’’ x 2.4’’ x 1.5’’, which is handy to put into a pocket, purse, backpack, etc. It also works perfectly as an MP3 player, a Bluetooth speaker, a radio receiver, and so on. 


Please visit the MW and SW radios made buy ou sponsor



Our third sponsor is SDRplay

Thank you to SDRplay wo is Happy to provide a 20% off voucher for any SDRplay unit plus free shipping from the UK.

Winner will choice of SDRplay (20% off) RSP (e.g. RSP1A or RSPdx etc) 

Thank you to our new sponsor RETEKESS

FM 87-108MHz, AM 522-1620KHz, SW 8-10MHz, Come with AM FM SW bands

Ro the application of short-range 



blogs, web sites, Youtube channels, individuals and FACEBOOK SWL groups who talk about this contest.

Listening In Radio Youtubechannel of Gene Stevens

REF 39

Bernard Fbgzerosept

SWL groupes on FACEBOOK

FACEBOOK GROUPS who talk about the SWL Contest 2023

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