SWL of shortwave radios in AM, Medium wave and Long wave, with WEB SDR in Europe by SWL F14368 Frank near Paris France. Informations about radio receivers for SWL, antennas, etc. Organiser of SWL contest 2023 and 2024.. This is my blog number ONE. Please visit my 2 other blogs about my listening. Thank you. 73

mercredi 10 avril 2024

mardi 9 avril 2024

Why i listen on my PC via a FREE WEB SDR ?

WEBSDRSWL: Why i listen on my PC via a WEB SDR ?:  In the past i have nice radio receivers and big long wire antennas on the roof. Now in 2024 i have no antenna on the roof but i have big QRM

My Retevis RA79 walkie talkie for UHF VHF is also a nice receiver for a low price.

 #ConnectionsWithYourAmateurRadio #Creator

I like my RETEVIS walkie talkie because i am an amateur radio, my call sign is FØDUW and i can use VHF 144 to 146 MHz ( 2 meter band )with 10 watts.

The RETEVIS RA79 have 5 watts but is okay to make local contacts ( I am near Paris FRANCE ) or QSO via relay.

This RETEVIS RA79 is not only a walkie talkie for amateur radio on UHF ( 70 centimeter band ) and VHF ( 2 meter band ) In USA the RA79 can work on 144-148 MHz and 420-450 MHz

For Europe 144-146 MHz and 430-440 Mhz

In USA is possible to receive /NOAA weather alert 


Frequencies above 30 MHz are referred to as Very High Frequency (VHF) region and those above 300 MHz are called Ultra High Frequency (UHF).

If you like to listen i possible to listening in AM mode aéronautical aircraft reception to receive calls from planes and control towers ( airports )

The VHF airband uses the frequencies between 108 and 136 MHz in AM

108 to 136 MHz: This band is used for civilian aeronautical communications and all transmissions are in AM. Aeronautical beacons occupy 108 to 118 MHz; these continuously transmit a station identification and are used for navigation. The rest of the band is used for traffic between aircraft and air traffic control towers on channels spaced at 25 kHz intervals.

In WFM 76 to 108 MHz i can listening local FM radios station for music and news.

You can also lister 50 to 76 MHz

136 to 599.997 MHz !!!

On these frequencies you can listen many things

The RETEVIS RA79 can be use by an amateur radio to make contacts with others hams and in some place in the world it can be use by listeners ( but he cant transmit on HAM bands ) 

It depends on the laws of your country, you should not talk about what you have listened to, unless it is conversations (QSO) between radio amateurs.

I make a vidéo about my nice small RETEVIS RA79 walkie talkie


You can buy you RETEVIS RA79 on Amazon

Exemple for France  

In English on RETEVIS web site

You can find also on many web sites like EBAY, Aliexpres, etc.

RETEVIS for HAM radio

On Youtube

On X ( ex twitter )


In the box for USA

 US$ 32.99 Free Shipping
 US$ 10.00 -23%
SKU: US-A9267A-C9034A

  1. 50-600MHz Receive
  2. AM Airband
  3. Frequency Counter
  4. Support CHIRP Programming

Free shipping to the USA

samedi 23 mars 2024

Thank you to THE SWLing Post blog



Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Frank SWL F14368, who is once again hosting a shortwave radio listening contest called SWL Contest 2024.

This contest will be held from June – August 2024 and requires no registration.


Submissions and questions can be sent to: swlcontest@gmx.fr

lundi 18 mars 2024

MW Winter SWL Contest 2024 project

 Yes again a contest ! 

It will be only on medium wave https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medium_wave and pirates radio stations in AM will be authorized. 

Too much contest rules make " Racisme " for pirates radios stations and listeners who use a kiwi or web SDR. 

My SW and MW contests try to open liberty for listeners. Maybe in 2025 i will organise a SW Contest where pirates radio ob Shortwaves are also welcome.

I would like to organise SWL contest to listen amateur radio opérators in SSB during a famous ham contest like CQ WW SSB but i think listeners of AM radios dont like that ?

I think to ask sponsors but MW are not like SW. I know some opérators have very good medium wave antennas and nice radio receivers and it is impossible to be at the first place with a 50 US Dollars radio receiver.

Mybe i will think of this and see if i can have few sponsors but i want not the gift go always to well equped listeners.

So il will give awards again like the SWL Contest 2024.

Again it will be possible to use a WEB or a KIWI SDR but you must choice one and not change for another one. My self i use a Web SDR located 500 KMs north of Paris in The Netherlands. 

This contest is to have FUN, me i am more motivated to listen when its a contest even i dont win nothing.

I think this MW contest 2024 will start 1st November 2024 and close end of January 2025

Do you like this MW Winter Contest 2024 project ?

Thank you and 73 de Frank SWL F14368 near Paris France.


vendredi 15 mars 2024

jeudi 22 février 2024

Règlement du Concours SWL 2024 juin juillet août 2024 par Frank SWL F14368

 Règlement du Concours SWL 2024 juin juillet août 2024

  Bonjour, je suis Frank SWL F14368 organisateur du concours SWL 2023 et 2024

Le SWL Contest 2023 a été un succès avec de nombreux auditeurs et sponsors sympathiques

J'ai décidé d'organiser un nouveau concours SWL en 2024

Si vous n'avez jamais écouter les radios en modulation d'amplitude ( AM ) c'est une bonne occasion de commencer, si vous n'avez pas de récepteur 3 a 26 MHz vous pouvez écouter avec un ordinateur par un WEB SDR ou un KIWI SDR, c'est gratuit ! Pour identifier les radios il y a plein de guides gratuits sur internet. 

Pour une cinquantaine d'euros on peut trouver un récepteur OC


Vous n'avez pas besoin d'être inscrit pour participer à ce concours

En 2024 le SWL Contest aura lieu en juin juillet et août 2024

En 2024 nous n'écouterons que des bandes ondes courtes 3 a 26 MHz (pas d'ondes moyennes)

Vous devez écouter un maximum de stations de radio sur un maximum de bandes ondes courtes



Uniquement les radios AM (pas de radios pirates, radios amateurs, etc.)

Les radios clandestines sont acceptées

En 2024, je ne donnerai que des e-DIPLOMES envoyés par mails

Le prix sera le BRONZE un à quarante-neuf radios (1 à 49),

  ARGENT cinquante à quatre-vingt-dix-neuf radios 50 à 99),

OR cent à deux cents radios (100 à 200)

et PLATINIUM plus de deux cents radios (200 et plus)

En 2024 l'objectif est d'écouter un maximum de radios sur chaque bande OC

Vous pouvez envoyer des rapports de réception aux radios et recevoir des cartes ou lettres QSL


Pour le concours il n'est pas demander de montrer les cartes QSL reçues

Début du concours le 01 juin 2024 et fin le 31 août 2024

Vous devez envoyer votre liste des radios à l'écoute avant le 9 septembre 2024

Pour envoyer votre liste  et si vous avez des questions l'adresse mail est


Vous pouvez rédiger votre liste ou utiliser PDF ou EXCEL

Vous pouvez simplement rédiger votre liste comme un message normal

Votre liste doit être BANDE PAR BANDE

A la fin de votre liste donnez ces informations :

Exemple 11 metre 2 radios

15 mètres : 12 radios


A la fin de votre liste vous devez écrire par exemple " J'ai écouté 48 radios sur 10 bandes OC "

OC = ondes courtes

Le but est d'écouter un maximum de radios SW sur toutes les bandes

Donc si vous écoutez la radio chinoise internationale sur 11 mètres, vous devez également essayer d'écouter d'autres bandes. Mais écoutez une seule fois sur un groupe. C'est bien si vous pouvez écouter la radio chinoise internationale sur 10 bandes ou plus.

Vous pouvez écouter avec un vrai récepteur radio et de vraies antennes (le SDR avec une vraie antenne est également OK)

Vous pouvez écouter avec un WEB SDR ou un KIWI SDR sur votre ordinateur et internet, mais vous devez écouter pendant le concours uniquement via ce WEB ou KIWI SDR (vous ne pouvez pas changer pour écouter via un autre Web ou Kiwi SDR dans un autre endroit)

Même si vous n'êtes pas en Europe, vous pouvez utiliser un Kiwi ou Web SDR en Europe ou sur un autre continent


Vous devez être sûr d'identifier la station de radio avec ces livres ou CD

Klingenfuss ou WRTH


Vous pouvez également utiliser des sites Web gratuits sur Internet



Un moyen simple est de saisir la fréquence sur GOOGLE comme 13755 khz (c'est important d'écrire khz)



Pour chaque station que vous écoutez vous devez donner ces informations

Date 01 juin 2024

Heure UTC exemple 06:44 UTC

Exemple de fréquence 13755 kHz

Bande SW 22 mètres

Nom de la station de radio exemple China radio international



La place de l'émetteur n'est pas importante pour ce concours

Exemple Radio Chine diffusée internationalement depuis Cuba, le Mali et la Chine.

L'important est d'écouter le nom de cette station de radio.

Faites ça honnêtement s'il vous plaît, tricher à mon avis c'est stupide, vous participez pour vous amuser pas pour montrer que vous êtes le roi de la jungle !!!

Quand m'enverrez-vous votre liste en septembre 2024

Donne-moi ton nom, ton pays

Exemple Frank PARZSOT en FRANCE

Écoutez-vous avec une vraie radio et antenne ou un Web ou Kiwi SDR (si oui donnez-moi l'adresse de ce SDR)

Votre nom sera important pour vous envoyer l'e-AWARD, je ne publierai pas votre nom de famille sur mon blog ou sur Facebook. j'utiliserai uniquement votre prénom et votre pays.

Pour la CHINE il y a beaucoup de radios en ondes courtes


Vous pouvez écouter de nombreuses radios différentes et les saisir dans votre journal

Exemples CNR 1, CNR 17, PBS Gannan, etc.

La radio chinoise internationale est la plus connue mais il existe de nombreuses stations de radio comme PBS et CNR.


Radio nationale chinoise


Ce sont 17 stations de radio


Vous pourrez retrouver toutes les informations sur :


Regardez PBS et CNR sur SW Infos

Mes meilleurs liens pour identifier une radio sur Internet



          Valide du 29 octobre 2023 au 31 mars 2024



A23 Calendriers de transmission et de programmes des radiodiffuseurs et des organismes de gestion des fréquences





Exemple de liste bande par bande

13 mètres : Sound of Hope, SBA Saudi radio int, BBC, CNR1

15 mètres : Voix de l'Espoir, CNR1

16 mètres : radio Mashaal, radio Ergo, Ifrikia FM, radio France int, Voix de Turquie

19 mètres : WWCR, Sound of Hope, CNR1, Radio Liberty, WRMI, Mashall radio, radio Free Asia, Radio Farda, Radio Iran int

22 mètres : Sound of Hope, CNR1, FEBC, China radio int, SBA Radio Riyadh, RNZ Pacific, CNR7, CNR13

25 mètres : Sound of Hope, CNR1, radio liberty, FEBC, AWR, BBC, Radio free Asia, Voice of Vietnam,

Radio Chine internationale, radio Farda

31 mètres : WRMI, Voice of Martyrs, radio Farda, CNR13, KTWR, CNR1, Voice of America, CNR2, KBS world radio, NHK Radio Japan, CNR8

41 mètres : Radio Casa AM, Voice of America, PBS Xizang, Radio Taiwan int, CNR2,

PBS Nei Menggu, CNR5, HCJB, Radio Marti, radio Thazin, Radio Vaticana

49 mètres : Lazer hot hits, Voice of Koréa, PBS Qinghai, Radio Tawantinsuyo, Yunnan radio int,

Radio Slovaquie internationale

60 mètres : PBS Xinjiang, radio des îles de la Baie, radio de la baie de Beibu, Radio Educacao rural,

Radio Quillabamba

75 mètres : CNR2, Voice of Hope, Echo of Unification, KCBS, Channel 292

90 mètres : Voix de l'Indonésie, KCBS

120 mètres : KCBS

Pensez à envoyer votre liste à cette adresse e-mail entre le 1er et le 9 septembre 2024


Ma page Facebook


73 de Frank SWL F14368

Merci a 

En 2024 comme en 2023 le but est de s'amuser, oui si vous êtes l'auditeur qui a écouté le plus de radios ce sera très bien !

samedi 10 février 2024

MW and SW radio receivers what to buy for maximum 30 US Dollars ?

MW and SW radio receivers what to buy for maximum 30 US Dollars ?

Llease go to my blog to read this article:

MW and SW radio receivers what to buy for maximum ...  

In many places in the world 30 UD dollars are like 300 US Dollars in rich countries like Europe, North América, etc. 

They are a lot of brands of Chinese radios receivers made in China. Some brands are famous like Tecsun and some are almost unknown exept if...

List of countries of the world

For amateur radio they are 340 DXCC entities. 

Where to buy your radio receiver on internet in the world ?

Where to buy your radio receiver on internet in the world ?

Where to buy your radio receiver on internet in th...

A HUNDRED YEARS AGO The first weather report from Paris

A HUNDRED YEARS AGO The first weather report from the Eiffel Tower

A HUNDRED YEARS AGO The first weather report from ...

  Where to place the date of the birth of radio in France? A consensus seems to have been reached on the first concert broadcast by the Poste...

mercredi 24 janvier 2024

Rules of the SWL Contest 2024 june july august 2024

 Hi, i am Frank SWL F14368 organiser of the SWL contest 2023 and 2024

The SWL Contest 2023 was a success with many listeners and nice sponsors, thank you.

Look all our sponsors in 2023 : https://icomjapan.blogspot.com/2024/01/thank-you-to-all-our-sponsors-for-swl.html

Also a lot of medias on internet talk about this SWL contest 2023: https://icomjapan.blogspot.com/2023/09/international-swl-contest-in-november.html

I have decide to organise a new SWL Contest in 2024

You dont need to be registred to make this contest

In 2024 the SWL Contest will be in June July and August 2024

In 2024 we listen only AM radio stations on shortwave bands ( no medium wave )

You must listen a maximum of radios stations on maximum of shortwave bands


Only AM radios ( no pirate radios, amateur radios, digital, SSB etc )

Clandestines radios are accepted 

In 2024 i will give only e-AWARDS 

Award will be BRONZE one to forty-nine radios (1 to 49),

 SILVER fifty to ninety-nine radios 50 to 99),

GOLD one hundred to two hundred radios (100 to 200) 

and PLATINIUM more of two hundred radios (200 and more)

In 2024 like in 2023 the goal is to have FUN !!!!!

I will translate the rules in French, ( and maybe other languages with help of facebook friends )

Contest start 01 june 2024 and finish the 31 august 2024

You must send you list of listening radios before the 9 september 2024

To send your list and and if you have questions the mail adresse is 


You can write you list or use PDF or EXCEL

You can also simply write your liste like a email message

Your list must be BAND BY BAND

At the end of your list give these informations:

Exemple 11 meter:  I listen 2 radios stations

15 meter: 12 radios stations


At the end of your list you must write for exemple " I have listen 48 radios stations on 10 different SW bands "

Remember the goal is to listen maximum of SW radios stations one all the shortwave bands

So if you listen radio station China radio international on 11 meter band, you must try also to listen pn other SW bands. But listen only one time a radio station on a band. The site ( place ) the transmitter is not important. Its nice if you can listen China radio international on 10 different shortwave bands or more, even CRI transmit from China, Africa or Cuba 

You can listen with a real radio receiver and real antennas ( SDR with real antenna is also OK )

You can listen with a WEB SDR or a KIWI SDR on your computer and internet, but you must listen during the contest only via this WEB or KIWI SDR ( you can not change to listen via another Web or Kiwi SDR in another place )

Be honest please!

Even you are not in Europe you can use a Kiwi or Web SDR in Europe or another continent

Exemple this very nice web SDR in the Netherlands 150 kHz to 30 MHz


You must be sure to identified the radio station for exemple with these books or CD



Your can also use free web sites on internet




A easy way is to enter the frequencie on GOOGLE like 13755 khz ( its important to write khz )



For each radio station you listen you must give these informations

Date 01 June 2024

Time UTC exemple 06:44 UTC

Frequencie exemple 13755 kHz

SW band 22 meter

Name of the radio station exemple China radio international

SINPO 55555


The place of the transmitter ( TX site ) is not important for this contest

Exemple China radio international broadcast from Cuba, Mali and China.

The important is to listen this radio station name CRI ( China radio Int. )

Do this honestly please, cheating in my opinion is stupid, you participate to have fun not to show that you are the "king of the jungle !!!

When you will send me you list in september 2024

Please give me your name, your country

Example Frank Deparis in FRANCE

Do you listen with a real radio and antenna ? (  Please give name and model of your radio receiver and what is your antenna or do you use a Web or Kiwi SDR ( if yes give me the adresse of the this SDR please )

You name will be important to send you the e-AWARD by mail, i will not publish your family name on my blog or facebook. i will use only you first name and country.

The shortwave bands for AM radio stations

For CHINA they are a lot of radios on shortwave

You can listen many different radios stations and enter it in you log

Exemple CNR 1, CNR 17, PBS Gannan, etc.

China radio international is the most famous but they are a lot of radio stations like  PBS and CNR

China national radio

They are 17 radio stations

You can find all information on:

Look at PBS and CNR on SW Infos

My best links to identifie a radio statios on Internet


         Valid October 29, 2023 - March 31, 2024

Exemple of list band by band

13 meter: Sound of Hope, SBA Saudi radio int, BBC, CNR1 

15 meter: Voice of Hope, CNR1

16 meter:  Mashaal radio, radio Ergo, Ifrikia FM, radio France int, Voice of Turkey

19 meter: WWCR, Sound of Hope, CNR1, Radio Liberty, WRMI, Mashall radio, radio Free Asia, Radio Farda, Radio Iran int

22 meter: Sound of Hope, CNR1, FEBC, China radio int, SBA Radio Riyadh, RNZ Pacific, CNR7, CNR13

25 meter: Sound of Hope, CNR1, radio liberty, FEBC, AWR, BBC, Radio free Asia, Voice of Vietnam,
China radio int, radio Farda

31 meter: WRMI, Voice of Martyrs, radio Farda, CNR13, KTWR, CNR1,  Voice of America, CNR2, KBS world radio, NHK Radio Japan, CNR8

41 meter: Radio Casa AM, Voice of America, PBS Xizang, Radio Taiwan int, CNR2, 
PBS Nei Menggu, CNR5, HCJB, Radio Marti, Thazin radio, Radio Vaticana

49 meter: Lazer hot hits, Voice of Koréa, PBS Qinghai, Radio Tawantinsuyo, Yunnan radio int, 
Radio Slovakia int

60 meter: PBS Xinjiang, Bay islands radio, Beibu bay radio, Radio Educacao rural, 
Radio Quillabamba

75 meter: CNR2, Voice of hope, Echo of Unification, KCBS, Channel 292

90 meter: Voice of indonesia, KCBS

120 meter: KCBS

Remember to send your list at this e-mail adresse before 9 september 2024

My Facebook page

73 de Frank SWL F14368 ( near paris France )

If you need to buy a new shortwave radio receiver for a cheap price you can look the 

XHDATA D-109 radio at 40 Euros only include shipping to Europe

Klingenfuss a good guide for SWL


Thank you to one of the best SWL blog in the world

The SWLing Post is a community of shortwave radio and amateur radio enthusiasts sharing shortwave radio reviews, news, broadcasting, pirate radio, numbers stations, interviews, and much more. We aim to provide quality content in the form of:

  • Everything radio, with a focus on the HF/Shortwave portions of the spectrum
  • International broadcasting news
  • Amateur radio news
  • Interviews
  • The internet and, specifically how it influences radio broadcasters
  • The history and future of shortwave radio
  • Shortwave radio reviews

mercredi 17 janvier 2024

Thank you to all our sponsors for the SWL Contest 2023

 To find all these nice sponsors i have send a lot of e-mails all over the world

Thank you to all people who talk of this SWL Contest


Many brands and shop for SWL dont answer to me...

June July August 2024 new SWL Contest !

So if you need to buy équipment for listening medium wave, shortwave of other frequencies i think our sponsors are the best places to order by internet.

Just remember some brands cant send to all the 200 countries of the world for different reasons.

Just send a message to ask if they can ship to your country.

1) Thank you to Gene Stevens who is a youtuber, he was the fist to say YES i will be your sponsor !

He send a nice radio receiver XHDATA to a winner of the SWL contest in Pakistan

Listening in radio his chanel talk of short wave listening and many things about radios

 I have been a radio enthusiast since I was a teenager. I started in the 1970s with citizens band radio. I was a Navy Signalman from 1978 to 1982. That's where I learned morse code.I got my amateur radio license in 2000, original call sign KB9WGV. I now have a vanity call sign of WN9ZWC. I joined the SWARL and I have their issued call signs of KB9001SWL, KB9001MWDX and KB9001SSB. I was granted the following awards, WAC, Heard all continents, QRZ.com awards; QRZ 3O, U.S. counties, Grid award and World friendship award. I founded Listening In Radio in 2023.

I'm your Elmer, here to teach you all about radios. AM radio, shortwave, Ham radio, CB and monitoring. Call signs WN9ZWC KB9001MWDX KB9001SWL KB9001SSB



One of the best place for Walkie talkies

Thank you very much for 2 walkie talkie UV-K5 and K6

This Chinese brand answer very fast YES we bill be your sponsor, xie xie ni ( i thank you in Chinese )

Design & manufacture 2-way radio for over 35 years

Export 1,000,000 pcs radios to 60 countries e | 500 skilled people | 7 product line !!!

You can find these walkie talkies on many shops on internet

3)  RETEKESS is also a nice sponsor from China  https://www.retekess.com/v117-shortwave-radio/#F9207A-1PC

Thank you RETEKESS


This very nice sponsor from China will give 3 very sérious radios for MW and Shortwave listening !!!

Dear friends,

"If you are willing, we can provide you with a D-808 gray, an R-108 black, and a D-109WB (this is a modified version of the D-109 with richer functions). Encourage a community that loves radio.
Thanks to your love of radio over the years, we can ship these three prizes to the address provided by the winner, just as you requested."

Thank you very much for your message dear friends from China.

Please visit the shop of our sponsor XHDATA/SIHUADON

They can send to many place in the WORLD

On of the best radio receiver for the price the D-808

5) RETEVIS Amazon

Again a big and famous brand from CHINA

They are link with RETEKESS

RETEVIS build walkie talkies, PMR446 and HAM radio équipment

Our nice Sponsor RETEVISS give a RETEKESS radio receiver

You can order RETEVIS and RETEKESS on Amazon shops

Thank you Angela 

6) SDRplay

Thank you dear sponsor from England UK

7)  Anon-CO from Hong Kong

This super nice sponsor give a incredible super TECSUN PL-990x radio receiver

And also a good TECSUN PL-330

For the WORLD  https://www.anon-co.com/

One of the best place in the world to buy a serious radio receiver

Thanks a lot Anon-CO specialist for TECSUN radios

8)  MFJ the world famour brand from USA !

Thank you to give 2 nice gift for winner of the SWL Contest

Thanks a lot to MFJ


Un peu d’hertz pur. 

A French SWL who make a nice donation to help the SWL Contest 2023, Merci et 73

10)  Joerg Klingenfuss

Klingenfuss Publications

Klingenfuss Radio Monitoring


The specialist for monitoring frequencies of the world in all mods give a nice CD for a SWL of AM radios on MW and SW

Danke Joerg

11)  Colin Newell - Victoria B.C. Canada will give a nice radio receiver GRUNDIG Yacht-Boy 400PE

The DXer.ca website site has been on the air for 28 years and is listed as a resource in the 2018 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook!

Thank you Colin

12) Thank to my French friend SWL 14FBG07 Bernard and is dog SWL Flamby for your donation

He have a youtube chanel

He have a big collection of TX and RX

Merci bernard et bonnes écoutes


Oursponsor is the famous RADDY radios who will give a nice portable receiver RF750

14) Thank you to SPIDERBEAM our sponsor from Germany

Welcome to Spiderbeam - your specialist for fiberglass & portable HF antennas
Spiderbeam was founded in the year 2000 by DF4SA, sparked by his passion for highly competitve radio contesting during portable, outdoor operations, fielddays, DXpeditions, etc. Simple wire antennas are quite allright, but using them to do well in a contest is pretty hard.
The spider beam is a full size lightweight tribander yagi for 20-15-10m, made from fiberglass and wire. It has been specially developed as a highly efficient antenna for portable use - a DXpeditioner's dream.
Further development yielded a complete 5-band-beam (20-17-15-12-10m), a WARC version (30-17-12m), and several other configurations. Recently, monoband versions and a specially reinforced heavy duty antenna line (optimized for permanent installation at home) have been added.

Apart from a good highband antenna, a competitive portable contest station must have a lightweight & efficient antenna for the low bands as well. For this purpose we have designed our professional telescopic fiberglass poles with a total height of 12m (40ft) and 18m (60ft) (NEW!). These strong poles are very well suited for carrying lowband wire GP or inverted L antennas, or any other temporary wires, like quad or delta loops and dipoles for all bands.

The secret behind the success of our portable spiderbeam yagi is its simplicity, ruggedness and a true "no compromise" design: several fullsize monoband beams are interlaced on one boom with negligible interaction. While the antenna is as light as a mini beam, it maintains the gain and F/B ratio of a typical full size tribander. The whole antenna weight is only 6-7kg (14 lbs), making it ideally suited for portable use. It can be carried and installed easily by a single person. A small push-up mast and a TV rotator is totally sufficient, saving even more weight on the total setup. The transportation length is only 1.20m (4ft).

After completion of the design phase and successful trial runs in 2001 and 2002 CQWW contests, the Spiderbeam antenna plans were released to the public. A very detailed construction guide (classic Heathkit-style step-by-step instructions) is available as a PDF document. You are most welcome to download our free construction guide and build your own spider beam from scratch. Several helpful OMs have kindly translated this manual to their mother tongue, making it available in several different languages. This incredible worldwide response and cooperation turned the construction guide turned into a truly international open-source project, and Spiderbeam into a worldwide known trademark for affordable, high quality fiberglass antennas of all kinds.

Many thanks to everybody for your continued interest and support - without it we would not be here today.
Enjoy browsing our website and see you on the air from your next expedition to that sweet DX spot you have always wanted to go. It is our goal to make your luggage light and your signals strong!

Our sponsor will give a 

7m fiberglass mast
The new mini fiberglass telescopic mast

Full height (length): 7m*
Transport length: 71cm*
Weight: 1026g*
Bottom diameter: 50mm*
Top diameter: 6mm*
Wall thickness: 0.7mm - 1.4mm*
Number of segments: 12
Material: fiberglass , black, UV resistant, wrapped in multiple layers and specially reinforced

SPIDERBEAM is a good shop for SWL antenna, Ham radio and CB radio 

Thank you very much again to Spiderbeam to be a sponsor of International SWL contest 2023

15) DXRN 

DX Radio via NET is a French web site but its possible to read in many languages

Merci Joel d'etre notre sponsor. 73


Katsumori Sakakibara a Japanese SWL who make a nice donation to the SWL Contest 2023

Thank you very much Katsumori san


His Facebook  page

A nice FB group for SWL


Thank you to Ludivine a nice YL who will give a book abour Citizen band ( CIBI in French )

18)  OMØET Paul

Thank you for your 2 baluns

Paul have also nice LOOP antenna for SWL or HAM radio operators

Thank you very much Paul, best 73


Jay give a nice C.Crane radio who was win by one of the best listener of this SWL contest 2023

Jay have a very interesting web site for SWL 

19) SWL F14368 Frank 

Yes its me !!!

I have help friends to have a better radio receivers

You know in some place of the world a 50 US Dollars radio receiver is a dream.

So it was a nice adventure, thank you.

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